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Don’t Worry, Google Is Helping Save You From Game Of Thrones Spoilers

Well, not just Game of Thrones

Nicole Billitz
Don’t Worry, Google Is Helping Save You From Game Of Thrones Spoilers

We all have that one asshole friend on social media that just loves to write a status about the episode immediately after it finishes. Well, for those of us in different time zones, we are irritated. But Google is listening.

Quartz discovered a new patent filed by Google, that is the first patent in U.S. history to mention the word “spoiler”, outside the automobile industry.

This is, in my opinion, the best patent has occurred in the technological decade. Finally, the assholes in the world will no longer plague tv sensitive information. The overenthusiastic tweeter will no longer ruin your fan-dom. Google, to the rescue!

The patent details a spoiler alert “system”:

"The system can determine and display how far each member in a group may be in reading a book, which may give each member social pressure to read the book according to the schedule and may encourage the members to keep up without waiting for the last minute to skim through the book. Second, the system can automatically determine content spoilers and prevent content spoilers delivered to a user without the user's confirmation. Third, the system may allow a user to explicitly request for spoilers from other users. For example, the system provides a user with progress stages of other users associated with a book, which allows the user to ask the other users that have finished reading the book for spoilers."

Google is not only concerned only with books though. They will know for movies, even if you paused them on your DVR, and for your YouTube videos. The system will know all (in the least of the creepy privacy-invading technologies that are currently circulating) and will block the necessary social media spoilers in order for you to continue on your merry way.

Google will look for keywords in your email, messages, and posts to determine who will spoil your upcoming content, and will warn you beforehand.

All hail Google. You have just saved this year’s Game of Thrones viewers.

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