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The all-in-one DOOGEE S90 modular rugged phone unveiled

The innovative DOOGEE S90 debuts on Kickstarter.

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The all-in-one DOOGEE S90 modular rugged phone unveiled© 2023 Doogee

If statistics are anything to go by, then the smartphone market is predicted to go on a downfall. This might be attributed to the fact that most smartphones nowadays look almost similar to each other and break easily. The question is, will consumers ever get a more reliable smartphone? Well, worry no more. In comes the DOOGEE S90 modular rugged phone to the rescue, with an impressive design concept of an all-in-one phone with limitless possibilities.

This new product is the latest generation of DOOGEE S series rugged phone. The Chinese manufacturer has been known to produce quality rugged phones, and now they are releasing the latest modular phone, S90, which recently debuted on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Doogee S90 Modules.png

All-in-one modular rugged phone

The DOOGEE S90 comes with four modules which give an all-in-one alternative to buying separate gadgets. Its modular design is by far the most impressive one in today’s market. It is easy to mix, match and swap its modules using the magnetic connection, and they work instantly when slid into the slot on the S90 back cover with a snap. You can check out a video demonstration here. The following are the four modules of the DOOGEE S90.

1. Night vision camera module

A night vision camera is really an excellent gift for a shutterbug to discover the beauty at night. Able to illuminate even pitch-black scenes, this night vision camera module makes it possible for photo enthusiasts to take clear and bright shots even in extreme darkness with its’ 12x light sensitive 131° super wide-angle telephoto lens, with an aperture of f/1.8 and IR correction capabilities. That’s also useful to snap pictures at dark caves, weak light areas or backlight areas. With the night vision camera module, users will not leave out any beautiful scenery in the dark.

Doogee S90 night vision camera module.png

2. Power module with 5000mAh

Working as a power bank, the enormous battery module gives users two days of extra power which comes in handy when your phone’s battery is drained. The power module can be easily attached in just a second. With a long battery life and advanced international safety levels, the 5000mAh power module turns the 5050mAh S90 into a 10,050mAh phone, but with a lighter weight than an integrated phone, keeping you connected at all times.

Doogee S90 back-side.png

3. Powerful digital walkie-talkie module

Based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard, the S90 walkie-talkie module provides clear and real-time digital speech quality that more than substitutes the common walkie-talkies. Similar to the DOOGEE S80 digital intercom phone, its frequency ranges from 400MHz to 480MHz, with a super high sensitivity of -120dBm, and a wide communication distance between 6km and 10km. Unlike most conventional walkie-talkies, the S90 digital walkie-talkie supports both private and group calls. If you happen to be in a noisy area, the DOOGEE S90 comes with a very efficient stereo speaker that gives a high-quality sound boost. And it is compatible with other walkie-talkies in the market. If you happen to be in a group hike and, by bad luck, you get lost, you know which phone to turn to immediately.

Doogee S90 walkie-talkie module.png

4. Professional gaming module

The DOOGEE S70 has been well known as one of the best rugged gaming phones of 2018. All work and no play makes all of us dull. DOOGEE recognizes the importance of gaming and this can be seen in the S90. With its powerful Helio P60 octa-core CPU and Mali G72 MP3 800MHz GPU, coupled with 6GB of RAM, the DOOGEE S90 supports all the bulky and intense Android games with fast frame-rates and with no glitches. Everything feels smooth when you game on this device with the modular gamepad that you can easily attached to the phone. Just like the S70, the S90 gamepad connects via Bluetooth and is built for professional mobile gaming with responsive buttons and a firm comfortable grip. With a 6.18-inch screen and a resolution of 1080 x 2246, the S90 delivers accurate colors, super-wide viewing angles, and is also glove friendly so you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience ayntime, anywhere.

Doogee S90 gaming module.png

With one DOOGEE S90 modular rugged phone, users can own a professional camera, a rugged walkie-talkie, and even a game console at the same time. This model marks the beginning of a new era for smartphones, with ever-changing phone styles and features. Now, you may be able to understand the concept that DOOGEE put out: with one S90 modular phone, you can enjoy the endless possibilities of life! DOOGEE is gradually growing up into an industry leader for rugged phones. You can join the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter here.

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The DOOGEE S90 raised $120K in just 24 hours! The company thanks all its fans for their support!

There are only 42 units available at the super early bird price. With the super early bird price, you can save $200. Also, if you pre-order the DOOGEE S90 now, you can benefit from free shipping worldwide.

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DOOGEE S90 highlights:

✅ Innovative modular design
✅ Rugged design
✅ Powerful night vision camera
✅ Professional rugged walkie-talkie
✅ Portable game console
✅ 5000mAh powerbank module
✅ Waterproof at a depth of up to 1.5m (5 feet) for 2 weeks

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