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Drone Fails: A Quick Way to Lose Cash

What Goes Up, Probably Comes Down

Lauren Messer
Drone Fails: A Quick Way to Lose Cash© 2019 droneflyers.com

Christmas comes once a year, but drone fails are a present all year long. Technically speaking, hoverboards were on the top of hottest gifts on tech lists this year, but drones were popular last year, and they aren't slowing down now. Families everywhere have been enjoying playing with their new gadgets since Christmas day, which apparently means that a lot of people have watched their siblings and even more popular, their fathers, drop a lot of cash, quick. 

There are multiple compilations of some of the best fails this year, and funny enough, a lot of them do actually feature dads watching that top dollar present fly off into the great beyond. Mashable found a gem with one video where a female voice can be heard asking "Do you know how far away it's supposed to go?" as the drone disappears into the clouds up above. If you don't get too dizzy and feel like jamming along to "Another One Bites the Dust," some of these extreme moments are worth the watch too. 

If you think about it, you might actually feel kind of sorry for life of a drone in the hands of an amateur operator. They get mauled by dogs, hit by soccer balls kicked from way below on the ground and quite often go down in glory in some kind of muddy pool of water. But I digress. Just how much money are we talking here? Top of the line large model drones can run operators as much as $2,900 if you're really looking to invest. However, as you might have seen if you go searching for other compilations of some epic fails, this Christmas brought flight failure to even the tiniest of pilots, which may have been gifted as stocking stuffers to some folks since small drones are priced between $45 - $90 this year. However, if you only get to fly it once before crash landing, it just makes it that much worse on your wallet. But really, can we put a price on the hours of entertainment provided by these lively video capturing adventures? Let's just admit, something will always be funny about Dad fails, no matter how old we get. 

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