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Drones That Can Surf And Fly In The Night

Admittedly, the cameras are terrible, but the concept is cool

Nicole Billitz
Drones That Can Surf And Fly In The Night© 2018 Parrot

Parrot took over the skies last year, when the French company first took its civil drones to the sky. Now, it’s ready to set sail on the water.

The company has just unveiled 13 brand new drones that have been designed to fly at night, fly on water, and carry small items.

The Hydrofoil is Parrot’s first drone that manages to combine a MiniDrone with a hydrofoil, or a structure that allows the boat to be lifted above the water. When the MiniDrone is securely attached, it can rotate 90 degrees to become a four-bladed propeller for full water contact. The Hydrofoil is controlled can be controlled via Bluetooth with a smartphone app. More importantly, the drone can cruise up to 6.2 miles per on the water for up to seven minutes, and it can fly up to 11.18 mph for up to nine minutes after it has been detached from the boat half. The camera, meanwhile, can snap 640 x 480 resolution shots and save it to the 1GB of internal storage. The Hydrofoil will cost about $190 when it hits shelves this July.


As if the Hydrofoil wasn’t cool enough, Parrot always created drones for nighttime use: the Airborne Night drone.

The Airborne Night has two massively wide-angle LED headlights so the user can see in the dark, and they can be programmed to flash and blink. It speeds along at 11 mph, and can fly for nine minutes and has a range of 164 feet. It has automatic stabilization (duh, what drone doesn’t?) but way cooler: it can manage 90-degree and 180-degree stunts. It has a built-in camera that can record video footage at 640 x 480 resolution, and snap up to 30 still images per second. It will be available in July for $145.


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