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This Hi-tech Towel could dry you off in 30 seconds

The Future of Towelling

This Hi-tech Towel could dry you off in 30 seconds© 2018 Body Dryer

The future of towelling is here. Not that I ever knew towelling had a future. But New York-based friends called Jason Ryu and Tyler Overk have brought things to a whole new level.

According to the folks at The Body Dryer, our towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. If we only knew the extent of this, we’d probably never even bother showering it seems. How have we managed? Regardless of their marketing angle, Ryo and Overk's idea is actually really good.

They’ve invented an alternate drying system which you step on (which looks like a scale) which blasts ionised air at your body so that you are completely dry in 30 seconds. Sounds good to me. No one likes getting out the comfort of a hot morning shower to hit the icy bathroom tiles dripping wet. If I knew I would be dry in half a minute without even needing a towel, I probably wouldn’t wash my hair twice.

This is one of those ridiculous sounding inventions that could actually work, and punters on Indiegogo, the crowdsourcing website, agree. The guys have already raised $306,655 for production on Indiegogo - surpassing their initial asking of $50,000 by 613 per cent.

You only have to think about the overflowing laundry pile of used white towels at your gym, or swimming pool, to see the commercial advantage. For now, this ‘towel’ for the home is supposedly going to sell for $250.

Image: © 2014 Body Dryer

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