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Dubai To Build Temperature Controlled City

And it will be called 'The Mall of the World'

Molly Holt
Dubai To Build Temperature Controlled City© 2018 Crazy Diamond - Flickr

Only a few decades ago, Dubai was a total desert: A vast contrast to the lively and economic hub that it is today. Seemingly constantly under construction, they’ve taken their ode to excess even further with their newest plans: To build a giant temperature-controlled city.

With the average temperature 104 degrees Farenheit in the summer, visitors will be able to stay in the complex for weeks on end without ever needing to use a car or cope with the harsh desert climate.

A 7km air-conditioned promenade will connect all the buildings, which will include an 8 million square feet of shopping centre, 100 hotels and 20,000 serviced apartment complexes, an entertainment centre to host 15,000 people, a 3 million square foot “wellness district” for medical tourism and even an indoor theme park - the largest in the world. The “wellness district” will provide quality health care, specialized surgical procedures, cosmetic treatments and high-end hospitality options.

Situated along Shaikh Zayed Road, proposals suggest that the ‘Mall of the World’ (as it has been aptly dubbed) will cover the area of approximately 200 football pitches combined - four times the size of Dubai Mall. Already home to the world’s tallest building The Burj Khalifa, Dubai is keen to establish itself as the most technologically advanced world-class city, clearly displayed by its newest plans: “This project complements our plans to transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the 2 billion people living in the region around us; and we are determined to achieve our vision.” Whatever happened to the beautiful outside world, ey.

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