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Dyson Robo Vacuum Is Always Watching

The Eye 360 is the future of robotic vacuum cleaning

Michael Cruickshank
Dyson Robo Vacuum Is Always Watching

Over 30 years ago, Dyson invented the first ever bagless vacuum cleaner, a product which has proved to be immensely successful. Since then the vacuum cleaning world has changed, and more and more people are turning to robots (such as the iRobot Roomba) to do their cleaning for them. While many thought that Dyson had its head buried in the sand while it ignored this trend, the truth was very different.

For the last 16 years the company has been working on a device which it believes is the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner. This machine, which had been held back from the market on several occasions due to inadequate technology, now is finally going to be sold to the public. It comes in the form of the Dyson Eye 360, a robotic vacuum cleaner which can perform vastly better than its competitors.

Image: © 2014 Dyson

The defining feature of the Eye 360, is the the device’s eponymous ‘eye’ mounted on the top of the robot. This eye takes the form of a video camera which is able to take a 360 degree view of a space within a house, and then use this information to determine its position. With this knowledge the robot can quickly and efficiently vacuum a house, without the need to go over the same area multiple times.

The Eye 360 will have more than 100 times the suction of a Roomba.

In addition to this 360 degree camera, the Eye 360 also is the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaner on the market. Using Dyson’s patented cyclonic technology the robot is able to generate much more suction than its competitors, and thus, can clean an area much more thoroughly. In fact, tests carried out by the company suggest that their new product will have more than 100 times the suction of a Roomba.

To help the robot move around, rather than using wheels which can get stuck in dense carpet, the Eye 360 will instead use caterpillar tank treads. The vacuum as well also incorporates a brush with carbon fiber bristles which extends across the full length of the device, allowing it to remove ingrained dirt. In addition, the robot has two different kinds of bristles which are optimised for use on hard floors or carpet.

The Dyson Eye 360 will first go on sale in Japan, before presumably moving into other markets as well.

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