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Elusive Bitcoin Creator Has Been Discovered


Molly Holt
Elusive Bitcoin Creator Has Been Discovered© 2019 Flickr - BTC Keychain

People are literally obsessed with the mysterious anonymity surrounding bitcoin’s secretive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, so much so that reporters once harassed an elderly Californian with the same name through LA on a multi-car chase. And now someone else (ironically - an anonymous hacker) claims to have discovered the identity.

Taking over the email account that apparently belongs to Bitcoin’s creator, and promising to reveal everything on one condition: that he gets a small fee in return. For a bounty of 25 Bitcoin (about $12,000) the elusive hacker - who goes by the name “Jeffrey” - will release all the information he has obtained which could potentially unmask the hidden identity once and for all. When commenting on how he acquired control over the satoshin@gmx.com email that Nakamoto had used for correspondence, Jeffrey stated that “the fool used a primary gmx under his full name and had aliases set up underneath it. He’s also alive”.

On Monday the email address was used to post on the P2P Foundation website, stating that "failing to configure Tor properly back in 2010 caused your IP to leak when you used your email account in 2010." Are we about to find out the exciting truth, or is it all just probably one big hoax?


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