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Even worse than bend-gate?

Nicole Billitz

Last month Apple previewed the iOS 8.3 beta, but now, it’s finally officially released.

The upgrade to the mobile operating system designed for iPhones and iPads has several new features and updates, including fixing the annoying disconnected WiFi bug, as well as the Bluetooth speaker playback issues. It also upgrades CarPlay, iCloud and Siri, which now can take dictation in Arabic and Hebrew.

But primary among the updates are the new set of “racially diverse” emojis. The update also features a new emoji menu that makes it easier to scroll through the new 300 emoji options. We love some of the new emojis - there is even a “live long and prosper” emoji.

However, unfortunately for Apple, the new emojis don’t transfer very well to those who have not updated their iPhones. When someone with the iOS 8.3 update sends darker skinned granny emoji, it reads on the iOS 8.2 version as a standard pink granny emoji alongside an alien emoji. Similar unfortunate pairings occur with basically all the new darker-skin version emojis.

This is already electrifying twitter in racially antagonistic ways. Is this the newest bend-gate? Time will tell.






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