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Eyeball Selfies Are About To Replace Your Passwords

Startup has $6 million in investments from big names like Samsung

Molly Holt
Eyeball Selfies Are About To Replace Your Passwords© 2018 EyeVerify

Forget fingerprints, eyeball selfies are the new way to access all your information. So far, clever startup EyeVerify have managed to pick up $6million in investments from big names like Samsung, Sprint and Qihoo 360 for their intriguing new software, which replaces passwords with eyeball scans. Yep, just like you’ve seen in the films.

Soon, accessing your online banking may involve holding your smartphone 8 inches from your face so that EyeVerify can take a photo of your eyeballs. It will map the blood vessels found in the white part of it (a pattern not just unique to each individual but with four or five times more data than a fingertip), and select 450 different features of them to build up your personal identification. The discovered data is then merged with 1600 false data points to create a one-of-a-kind identification token for your phone. Instead of entering a password every time you want to check your balance, you can take an eyeball selfie instead, which will compare your selfie to the stored data and see if its a match. And don’t worry, issues that change the appearance of eyeballs such as hay fever or hangovers will apparently not make a difference to the muscular vasculature that the software recognises. So good news, you’ll still be able to assess the damage after a big night out.

But the best part of the eye scanner (apart from how futuristic and secure it is, of course) is the fact that it is basically already integrated into our everyday devices. “They don’t require any specialized hardware. You can do it with a normal camera on your phone”, whether thats the 1 megapixel front camera or the more high resolution back one.

But EyeVerify founder and Chief Executive Toby Rush does have one concern about his biometrics startup’s latest project: “What keeps me up at night? Whether we can gain enough traction to make sure fingerprint doesn’t become the default,” he says, “fingerprint [already] has a 50-year head start”. Don’t worry Toby, you’ve got the selfie.

Available on Android and iOS.


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