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Facebook Knows Everything About You

But There's No Need To Panic!

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Facebook Knows Everything About You© 2023 Facebook

From booking a flight to ordering your lunch, Facebook M will be there for you. 

From your birthday, to where you last had your dinner, and to even what you look like a year ago, Facebook definitely knows it. With the announcement of their own digital assistant named "M", all these knowledge about you can definitely come in handy.

But don't worry as Facebook M is still at its early stages, the company is still not pulling your history in order to perfect the service—well, at least not yet. Set to compete against Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, Facebook M is only available to a few San Francisco users at the moment.

There's a personal touch about Facebook M that is not available in other popular "assistants" at the moment and that's due to the help of the M Trainers. Facebook wanted to make sure to provide the best service employing the help of a 10-person startup called Wit.Ai which Facebook acquired last January.

From booking a flight to ordering your lunch, Facebook M will be there for you. To make it even more convenient, it's fully integrated on your Messenger App. But since it will still be a while before you can really see for yourself how it will make your life easier, Facebook gives a glimpse of it through the newly updated notifications for Facebook Mobile.

Facebook is set to compete with Siri, Google Now, and Cortana but promises to provide more.

Now, Facebook notifications are almost like a reminiscent of Google Now on its early days. It will still have your friends' birthdays and life events, Your Upcoming Events, Today's top sporting events, Today's top TV shows, and Trending Topics.

If you let your location be tracked by Facebook, you will also have additional notifications of popular events near you, local weather, local news, nearby places your friends have visited, and movies playing in nearby theatres. All these are customizable to suit your taste.

Here's a glimpse of what new Facebook Notification looks like on mobile:

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