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Facebook Takes You To Another Reality

Samsung Gear VR is more social as it adds Facebook features

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Rumor has it that Facebook is planning to make virtual reality social; this speculation is now a fact. Oculus VR has announced that they have developed new features heading to the Samsung Gear VR, including features for the social media giant.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will be changing the world once again as it redefines the means of social media--taking us to a whole new reality. It was announced that anyone with the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, would have access to their Facebook accounts. Samsung Gear VR users will be able to view 360-degree videos that are personalized based on your friends and pages you follow.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.19.38 PM.pngSource:www.oculus.com

What’s awesome about this is that, just like the Facebook app in your devices or web browsers, Samsung Gear VR users will also be able to react, like and share these 360-degree videos on Facebook without even leaving the virtual reality app.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.19.47 PM.pngSource: www.ocular.com

"360 video on Facebook was the first step" according to Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook's Newsroom reported last February 21. "It allows you to look around and feel like you’re present while watching a video, whether it’s surfing in Tahiti or exploring the surface of Mars. Already, millions of people watch 360 videos on Facebook every day. More than 20,000 have been uploaded, with hundreds more added daily. And we only just begun to explore the possibilities with this format." And now that Facebook will have its feature on the Samsung Gear VR, there's no telling how far this social media giant is willing to go in terms of developing its platform. Facebook definitely has the first ticket to the road to the advanced world of social media, and there’s no stopping it.

This integration of the two companies did not come as a surprise as Oculus is the Parent company of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and his team said that they are dedicated to making more social experiences for virtual reality at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Facebook is an application that immediately soared to greater heights more than what the world expected. It has changed the means of our communication and as time goes by, Facebook continues to show us what they can do and offer more to our society, and how this platform is one of the most essential tools of the world today.

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