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Fake iPhone 6 On Sale Next Week for $160

Goophone have done it again

Anne Parsons
Fake iPhone 6 On Sale Next Week for $160© 2018 Versus

Everyone is waiting in hot anticipation for the iPhone 6, rumoured to be released in late August. If you really fancy the idea of owning one, but just can’t afford it, there may be another (controversial) option.

A company in China called Goophone, renowned for it’s impeccable smartphone knockoffs is planning on releasing its iPhone 6 imitation, the i6 on August 1st. The i6 is priced at $159.99 for the 16 GB model. That compares to $199 Apple charged for its contract 16 GB iPhone 5S and $649 for the phone unlocked.

Sure the iPhone’s design features are supposed to be all hush-hush, but Goophone have made an educated guess on what it will look like, based on leaked images of various parts which have been making the rounds for months.

But there is a catch. The Goophone will operate on Android OS instead of iOS. It also has a smaller processor (1.4GHz) compared to their i5S model which had 2GHz processor. You might say it’s all fur coat and no knickers.

However the actual design of the i6 and the supposed design for the iPhone 6 are pretty close. Goophone have copied the rumored fingerprint readers on the front, and the auto-focusing camera at the back.

The iPhone is not the only phone Goophone has mimicked. It has also cloned the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other popular smartphones. Of course none of this is legit, but it seems that the Chinese authorities are turning a blind eye to the obvious copyright issues for now.

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