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Fashion Meets Tech In Milan’s Design Week In The Best Way

Handy, techy and it looks damn good!

Fashion Meets Tech In Milan’s Design Week In The Best Way© 2018 Pexels

Through the years, people failed to realize how devices and geeky gadgets could ever look beautiful. Others perceive technology as something bulky and ugly. But now that we’ve reached 2016, a lot of things have been redefined and revolutionized, and during Milan’s Design Week, we were all in awe of how technology can look so chic!

  1. Microsoft’s Signature Edition Type Cover

Source: Microsoft

Tablets are one of the handiest device ever made, especially if you’re always on the go. We need something that is light and efficient to carry, but most importantly, it should look good. The new Microsoft’s Signature Edition Type Cover is just that. With its sleek and elegant design, not only do you feel good carrying a light tablet, you’ll be looking super chic too!

The material used for this product is so unique that not anyone can have it. Really, because it costs a whooping $160! Yes, that might be too much for a type cover but it is still difficult to ignore the beautiful aesthetic of the product. According to Forbes, the material used for the design is called Alcantara, which is a proprietary fabric, sourced only in Italy, which is often used in high-end luxury products like fashion, automotive, and interiors. Now, there is no doubt that the value compensates with the type cover’s look.

  1. Intel’s Butterfly Dress

Do you ever feel like getting butterflies in your stomach whenever someone you like gets close to you? With Intel’s Butterfly Dress, you won’t be able to hide those feeling from your crush anymore, because the butterflies on your dress will literaly flap its wings. As mentioned by Forbes, this amazing dress is made from a luxury jacquard interwoven with metallic Lurex fibers, and comes adorned with about forty butterflies. A proximity sensor embedded inside, detects the presence of someone nearby and makes the insects react, flapping slowly, then faster, as the person approaches. The butterflies can also be made to fly away en masse, using a command sent by smartphone, or by another mobile device, on a wi-fi network.

  1. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Source: Moleskine

This is perhaps our favorite amongs all of the designs. The Molekskin Smart Writing Set looks like a normal pen and notebook, but there’s so much more about it. Basically, it works this way: you write or draw on a special paper, and your sketches are instantly transferred to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app. The breadwinner of this writing set is the “smart pen” because of its hidden infra-red camera that traces and digitizes everything you write. So, for those times when you’re lazy to write down notes from your class, why not trick your seatmate into writing his notes with this smart pen?

As cool as this writing set may sound, it has its flaws. Firstly, with a price tag of $200, I would expect this pen to actually do all the writing for me. Secondly, you’ll have to charge the pen frequently and make sure that you’re pointing the pen in the write direction, to help the camera recognize your writing. And lastly, the pen is the most essential key of the product so you better not lose it. Plus it would be quite an expensive mistake to make.

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