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Fastest Bike In the World: Just Add Rockets!

Watch this crazy vehicle outrun a supercar

Michael Cruickshank
Fastest Bike In the World: Just Add Rockets!© 2023 Youtube/rocketman340

There’s no denying it, people like the feeling of the wind in their hair. From horse riding, to the automobile and the motorbike, human have always worked on ways to make themselves go faster. However, at some point the question needs to be asked: how far is too far? Could, for instance, strapping a rocket to the back of a bicycle be considered a little too insane and dangerous?

While it sounds like a Darwin Award in the making, someone has actually gone ahead and done just that. Strapping not one, but three small rockets to the back of a high performance racing bicycle, Frechman François Gissy has built a bike with one of the fastest accelerations of any land vehicle on Earth. The original version of his crazy rocket bike could reach an amazing 285 km/h in just under six seconds, however his most recent version completely smashes this record.

Able to max-out at 333 km/h this new rocket bike is blisteringly fast. Watch the intense video below of Gissy clinging on for dear life as he rides his rocket bike so fast that it even easily outruns a Ferrari supercar!

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