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Finally: A Smart-Device For Alcoholics!

And maybe casual drinkers too…

Michael Cruickshank
Finally: A Smart-Device For Alcoholics!© 2023 B4RM4N

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good cocktail. The problem? Attempts by unskilled or (more-often-than-not) un-sober people to make good cocktails often result in disaster. Many times people have grimaced their way through a horribly made Margarita or Long Island Ice Tea, so as not to offend a host, or waste good liquor. But could there be a technological solution to the blight that is poor cocktails?

A new startup is pitching a device which they are calling the B4RM4N on Kickstarter. The device is the world’s first ever ‘smart cocktail shaker’, and promises to take the internet of things into your parties. With its connected functions the B4RM4N is a cocktail shaker which aims to give its users the ability to make perfectly proportioned cocktails.

The device which looks very much like a standard cocktail shaker, is of course much much more. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone app, where a user is able to select from a vast array of cocktail recipes. Once a drink has been chosen, the user then follows the app’s prompts to pour different liquids into the mixer. Rather than having to precisely measure these amounts, the mixer features a smart sensor which gives audio and visual feedback regarding the user’s filling progress. Then, once all ingredients have been added correctly, all a user has left to do is shake and serve.

In addition to this functionality, the B4RM4N app is also designed with a social component in mind. A user is able to design or invent their own cocktails and then share their recipe with all other users of the app. In addition, B4RM4N is being made to work with the popular Drinkstagram app to help users share recipes and images of their cocktail creations. Finally, the B4RM4N app can also give suggestions to a user on what possible drinks can be made with the selection of liquors they have in their fridge.

Currently this device is already almost halfway to its $100,000 funding target on Kickstarter, despite having only been up for a week. The B4RM4N itself can be preordered for $159, and is intended to ship mid next year.

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