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Finally A Tech Company With More Women

More Reports This Week Highlight the Alarming Lack of Diversity

Anne Parsons
Finally A Tech Company With More Women© 2018 Ed Yourdon - Flickr

Back in May, Google started a trend. It released a diversity report to show the breakdown of staff members in terms of gender and race. Its report showed that only 30% of its staff were female. A surprisingly antiquated demographic for a company purposing to be building our future. 

Since then a growing number of tech companies have followed suit. Facebook, Apple and Twitter also published reports of 70/30 breakdown between male and female staff. When you dig deeper into the figures, the number of females in tech and management positions dwindles still. 

This week Pandora released more promising figures. Overall, Pandora has an almost 50/50 split between male and female employees (50.8 percent men to 49.2 percent women). Again however, the number of women in tech roles is 17.9%, which is as low as the other companies. It scored better with leadership roles however, with women in 38.8 percent of the management positions.

Indiegogo took its turn this week also. It scored better than most, but not as well as Pandora, with male and female employees at 55 percent and 45 percent respectively. The gap widens again once it comes to leadership and tech, however, with women in only 43 percent of leadership roles and 33 percent of tech roles.

The reports all served to highlight the alarming lack of diversity within the tech industry. Awareness of the problem will hopefully stimulate change in the industry.


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