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Find Sherlock or Doctor Who At The New BBC Store

Viewing Your Favorite Shows Just Got Easier

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Find Sherlock or Doctor Who At The New BBC Store© 2023 BBC

Series lovers will definitely rejoice as BBC opens its store for you to be able to download (legally!) and keep copies of your favorite TV show. BBC aims to give you the most comprehensive range of BBC programs straight to your iPlayer. 

So whether you're into Sherlock, Doctor Who, or the very informative David Attenborough's nature documentaries then you're in for a treat as the store allows playback of shows up to 30 days. "As more viewing shifts to digital, BBC Store allows audiences to choose from a selection of recently broadcast programs, television favorites, and lost gems from the BBC archive, making it the most comprehensive collection of BBC programs ever published," said the broadcaster in their press release for its launch.

However, there are some minor hindrances before everyone can celebrate. For the mean time, programs can only be bought for now using UK-registered credit cards which is a downer for non-Brit folks. Another thing is that bought and downloaded content can only be watched through the iPlayer website or the offline program call the BBC Store Download Manager which is provided on their website. Support for TVs and mobile devices are still being developed.

But don't fret, there's still a lot of things that the BBC Store can offer with more than 6,000 hours of content already available today from classics to modern day shows, you'll definitely find a lot worth watching. The store is operated by BBC Worldwide.

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