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Fingerprints Over Passwords

The New Android M is looking to fully integrate Fingerprint Authentication

Julius Tabios
Fingerprints Over Passwords© 2023 Flickr - Rob Bulmahn

It is a lot more convenient as well as being more secure. 

In true marketing fashion towards building hype in the upcoming Google I/O Developer conference happening on May 28-29, juicy details on the next Android ‘M’ have been released.

The next Android OS will be coming with ‘native fingerprint authentication’ according to a report by BuzzFeed.

The fingerprint authentication will come preinstalled with the future OS. Remembering overly complex alphanumerical passwords would be a thing of the past. You simply have to press down your thumb on the screen to be authenticated in.

Users of Android’s main rival Apple’s iOS are more often than not all praise of its TouchID feature. TouchID requires a fingerprint scan over the generic password.  Typically, it is a lot more convenient as well as being more secure. 

To use the fingerprint authentication the device will require a fingerprint sensor naturally. As of now, not a lot of Android run phones have it so maybe it is a sign of good things to come.

As of writing, that was the only confirmed detail of the Android M but here are some things that are likely to be announced as well.

Android has mentioned that they want to also focus on smart home functionality moving forward. It will likely take advantage of the new Nest application connecting you to your home devices while on the go. 

Apple has also been making a lot of waves with its Apple Watch. So look for Google to go blow-for-blow with big announcements regarding the Android Wear.

But all the theorizing is coming to an end as the Google I/O is coming later this week in San Francisco. The long sought answers will finally (hopefully) be revealed by then. 

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