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First Ever Video: Project Ara In Action

Google actually made this work!

Michael Cruickshank
First Ever Video: Project Ara In Action© 2023 Google

Perhaps the most well publicized project Google has embarked on, Project Ara is the name Google has give to its quest to build a modular smartphone. Based off a viral concept video, the devices being produced for this project involve a single motherboard to which a number of interchangeable blocks can be added or removed. These blocks would enable a user to ‘hot-swap’ out components of their device for upgrades or repairs, rather than having to buy an entirely new phone.

In the past few months we have been hearing a lot more about this device being developed by the Advanced Technologies and Projects team at Google. What we know so far is that individual components are being contracted out to manufacturers, and are in the final stages of refinement. As well, the company has announced its intention to release the first ever Project Ara device, dubbed the ‘grey phone’ early in 2015.

Now video has emerged of the first ever working prototype of a Project Ara phone in action. While a previous attempt by Google to show off this technology embarrassingly failed, this new video seems to show that the company is back on track, and has a modular device capable of running Android. Check out this interesting footage in the video below!

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