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First World Problems: Coffee vs Sleep?

Use this coffee app to let you have your cake and eat it too

First World Problems: Coffee vs Sleep?© 2018 Up Coffee

I have a friend who drinks about eight cups of coffee a day. I remember one day in Starbucks, after polishing off his second grande, he put his fist into the cup to show off just how much he had drunk. Admittedly, I do sometimes wonder what his personality would actually be like minus the caffeine.

But I know he’s not alone - If an arts degree taught me anything, it was that one cup of coffee is more precious than ten perfectly rolled cigarettes. Are you a fellow coffee fiend? If so, this app might be for you.

UP Coffee have developed a nicely designed app that allows you to keep track of how much coffee you consume and subsequently draws a correlation with that and your sleeping patterns. You can see how your caffeine levels fluctuate throughout the day as you down cappuccinos, energy drinks and even chocolate. The app can tell when you’re wired and how long it will take you to become ready to sleep.

It’s clear that the app is for coffee lovers. It allows you to keep track of your intake and can guide you through personalised behavior changes from your own data, but not in a preachy, sanctimonious way. Their motto is “your coffee, your sleep” - and is clearly not an attempt to get people to quit caffeine, just to become more aware of how that after dinner espresso might affect your dreamy night’s sleep ahead.

Genius, you say! You’ll never be a jittery restless mess ever again. It even has a gratuitously pretentious function that allows you to find out your Caffeine Persona after 7 days. It wouldn’t really be a coffee app without it.  

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