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Flappy Bird Clone First Game on Android Wear

You knew this was coming...

Michael Cruickshank
Flappy Bird Clone First Game on Android Wear© 2019 Flopsy Bird / Samsung

Whatever Google’s developers had in mind when they created Android Wear, it probably wasn’t for smartwatches to become a gaming platform. But as we have found out countless times before, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And what could make an awkwardly ported game yet more difficult to play? Taking an already frustratingly difficult game to base it off of course! Flopsy Droid, as you probably have realised is an attempt to port a clone of the popular mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’ to Android Wear smart watches.

Flopsy Droid features similar gameplay controls to other Flappy Bird-inspired games.

Described as an “experimental game” by its German creator Sebastian Mauer, the game features similar controls to other Flappy Bird-inspired games. Users control the green Android logo robot as it ‘flops’ through the air, with each tap of the watch-face causing the robot to flop higher, before sinking back down. Players score points by passing through narrow gates, much like the original game, and the game ends when the robot crashes into one of the these gates. Should a high score be reached, a notification will display on the smartwatch alerting the user.

The game itself is not a perfect port, with some users reporting a buggy experience. Furthermore, in order to boot the game, users have to make use of the voice activation on Google Now, through the awkward command “Ok Google, start Floppy Droid”. As well as ruling the game out for use on public transport, this also has been making it difficult for users with strong regional accents to start the game.

Problems aside, Floppy Droid is nonetheless a good example of what can be done with the Android Wear platform, just weeks after its release to developers. We can expect to both see more games into the future, and of course, more productive apps which are better suited to the minimalist smartwatch interface.


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