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Forget the iPhone 6, This Is A Real Camera Phone

Panasonic surprised us all with its camera/smartphone

Anne Parsons
Forget the iPhone 6, This Is A Real Camera Phone© 2023 Panasonic

Panasonic disrupted the Photokina Fair in Cologne this week by unveiling something quite new - a top of the line smartphone, that's really more of a camera/phone than a camera-phone.  

Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 is all that you’d want from an Android phone, with a very high-quality camera and lens attached. Just to give you an idea, the CM1 comes with a 1-inch sensor that you’ll find in Nikon’s 1 Series. The camera has a 20-megapixel resolution, compared to the iPhone 6’s 8 megapixels, and has an f/2.8 Leica lens, a mechanical shutter, and a manual control ring. The lens extends from the body of the phone for focusing purposes.

The phone itself is pretty standard fare, and Panasonic wants the device to be thought of as an exceptionally capable camera that also comes with communication functions rather than as a smartphone able to take great shots. However, Panasonic are probably downplaying this to a certain extent. The processor is good, and the full suite of Android apps is available for the device. 

The new phone will be tested out in the French and German markets before being launched internationally. It will be available in these regions from November 2014, and will be priced at 900 euros.


All Images: Panasonic

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