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Four Reasons We Won’t be Buying the Fire Phone

Forget the hype, the Fire phone is a gimmick

Four Reasons We Won’t be Buying the Fire Phone© 2018 Amazon

Yes, we get it, the Dynamic Perspective (not 3D) technology used in Amazon’s Fire smartphone is cool. But while it is pretty, it is just in essence, a gimmick, and does not add any additional functionality to the phone. On close inspection, there is no consumer who actually needs the Fire, and indeed several areas where Amazon completely has dropped the ball with this device. Below you can read four very good reasons for not buying the Fire...

1. No Google Services

Rather than running standard Android, the Fire phone runs a fork of the firmware which it calls FireOS. The problem with this new operating system is that it lacks the Google Play store present on other devices. This means that it does not have access to any of the Google services integrated into standard Android, and available on most smartphones. This includes popular programs like Chrome, GMail and Google Now. Should you be heavily integrated into this online ecosystem, the Fire is a clear no-go.

Image: © 2014 Amazon

2. No Bluetooth LE

While the Fire has an excess of cameras, it features one rather glaring omission: Bluetooth LE. This Low Energy Bluetooth capability is the wireless connection of choice currently for wearable technology. It would seem rather remarkable, then, given the buzz which wearables are starting to generate, and the imminent release of Android Wear, that Amazon could think that this not a functionality their debut phone should have.

3. Lacklustre Specs

Despite what some may say, the Fire is intended to be a ‘premium’ phone, especially when you consider its price point. With this in mind it seems strange that the phone is noticeably less powerful than many of the top of the line flagship phones which has been released in recent month. While the latest Samsung, Sony, and LG phones all come with the Snapdragon 801 processor, the Fire is left behind with the less powerful and outdated ‘800’ model.

Image: © 2014 Amazon

4. Annoying Tilt Controls

One of the major ‘features’ announced by Amazon at their Fire debut yesterday was the ability to tilt the phone to control the menus. So confident were they in their new idea that they completely removed the ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’ buttons, having their functions replaced by tilts. Let’s not forget that phones have had the capacity to use such controls through accelerometers for years, but didn't for a simple reason: this kind of control is annoying to use. If you would rather not give your wrist a work out for even simple tasks, we recommend not purchasing the Fire.


Image: © 2014 Amazon

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