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From Russia With Screens

The Yota Phone 2 is here!

Michael Cruickshank
From Russia With Screens© 2018 Yota Devices

When it comes to which countries are the most innovative mobile manufacturers, places like South Korea, Taiwan or the US spring to mind. Very few people would associate Russia, a country with a rather poor relationship with the global economy, with mobile innovation. This being said, one of the most interesting devices of the year, comes in fact from this very country.

The Yota Phone 2, first unveiled earlier this year, is finally hitting markets in Europe just in time for Christmas. While other phones focus on high-end specs and fancy software in order to stand out from the pack, the Yota Phone 2, produced by Yota Devices, does things a little differently…

The Yota Phone 2 features a unique E-Ink display

Rather than including just one super-high resolution screen, the Yota Phone 2 actually has two. The front side of the phone features a conventional 1080p Full HD AMOLED display, while the other side features a unique E-Ink display. This display, similar to that found on the Kindle series of e-readers or Sony’s Digital Paper tablet, is functional in a completely different way to that of normal screens.

While it has somewhat slower refresh rates, and can only display in black and white, the E-Ink display technology is nonetheless very useful for one major reason: battery life. Due to the technology behind this screen, the amount of power it uses is an order of magnitude less than that of a standard LED screen. Combined with the new multi touch functionality which Yota Devices has added to this screen, it is able to carry out many of the normal phone tasks, without taking precious battery time.

Beyond this, the phone also features quite reasonable specs, significantly improving on its predecessor. Updated specs include a Snapdragon 800 Quad Core chipset, 2GB of RAM, and an 8MP front-facing camera sensor.

Currently the device is only available in European markets where it will reportedly sell for for 32,990 rubles, or about $612.

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