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Futuristic Sky Cars in Tel Aviv by 2015

And they're serious?

Futuristic Sky Cars in Tel Aviv by 2015© 2018 NASA

When there are talks of sky cars being installed into a major city by the end of next year, it’s safe to say that the future is most definitely here.

Plans are afoot to build a 500m looped track for the sky cars on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries’ campus. The hope of skyTran, the California-based company that will build it, is that commercial projects will follow on from this initial run. The company want to revolutionise public transport and the Israel project will be a test run.

The system works by suspending a two-person pod-like vehicle that from elevated magnetic tracks. You can order your car using your smartphone, naturally.

The cars go at about 70km/h (43mph), though there is speculation that the commercial versions would be much faster.

More skyTran projects are planned throughout the world (India, US etc) depending on its success.  


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