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Gadget Gift Guide

Nicole Billitz
Gadget Gift Guide© 2023 Samsung


PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle at $449, which couples the favorite gaming system with one of 2014’s most popular games.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Bundle at $99, for those on a tighter budget, but who love a good classic.

Samsung Gear VR for $199. For very serious virtual reality enthusiasts, this product can only be operated with the Samsung Note 4, so that’s an important note. However, image quality and responsiveness is intense, and this headgear is the best in the field.

If you can’t afford those, though, don’t worry.

Google Cardboard costs only $10, but you need to build the glasses yourself. Use your existing smartphone, construct the headgear made from cardboard and magnets, and you’re good to go  with your 360 degree virtual reality.  


We were going to make a whole category dedicated to video cameras, but let’s be honest. The whole space is dedicated to GoPros.

HERO at $129. We like 1080 pixels with 30 fps.

HERO4 Silver at $399, that gives you 1080 pixels that fit in your pocket. This badboy now has a massive touchscreen that gives instant replay and lets you frame your photos.

HERO4 Black at $449, in case you absolutely need 4K footage.


Yes, okay, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both start at $199 on contract.

But so does the Sony Xperia Z3 ($199 on contract with Verizon, or $0 up front plus $26 a month for 24 months on T-Mobile). We prefer it because it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It also has a fantastic battery, and an unbeatable 20.7 megapixel camera! It also gives you remote access to all the games on your PS4.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is also $199 on contract. It has a huge 5-inch AMOLED screen, plus a 16 megapixel camera.


Brand new iPad Air 2 at $499. Thinner and lighter than all the rest, the 9.7-inch display is fantastic. It comes with Touch ID with fingerprint unlock, perfect for Apple Pay.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S at $399. Packed with Android KitKat, an 8.4-inch screen, it has impressive power.

Amazon Kindle Voyage at $199. It is the second generation Paperwhite, but it’s thinner and lighter than ever. It now has scratch resistant glass and reduced glare, perfect for the beach.


MacBook Air at $899. You know it, you love it. Or, you hate it. It does have fantastic battery life, though.

Surface Pro 3 at $1,299. Some people just needs Windows (8.1) and we understand. This is a great hybrid that can do either, but make sure you get at least i5.


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