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Galaxy Fold and more Samsung highlights at IFA 2019

Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy Fold unveiled along with a wide range of TVs and home appliances

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Samsung's press conference at Berlin's IFA consumer electronics and home appliances trade show covered a wide array of products: from smartphones to TVs, wearables, and various home appliances. While we thought the presentation would focus more on specs and features of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold, the world's first foldable phone was briefly mentioned without an in-depth analysis; still, we can confirm that a 5G version will also be launched and that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available tomorrow in Korea and in the coming weeks in additional markets worldwide. Consumers will be able to choose between Space Silver and Cosmos Black color versions. The release of a 5G version doesn't come as a surprise, given that Samsung, which describes itself as "the trusted partner for 5G," is the brand the most 5G-capable phones at this time.

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Samsung at IFA 2019: Samsung Town

The South Korean conglomerate is going big at IFA this year with Samsung Town, an exclusive city-like pavilion where products are displayed across multiple elaborate areas. Besides presenting products already known to (or anticipated by) consumers, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Book S, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (on sale tomorrow), the company's executives focused mainly on products that value millennials' needs for fresh and customizable design, as well as IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

Samsung at IFA 2019 (The Frame)
Samsung at IFA 2019: The Frame

This is reflected in Samsung's two new TV series: The Frame and The Serif, both available in various colors and catering to different design concepts. Available in 43, 49, 55, and 65-inch versions, The Frame resembles an artwork frame. When not in use, it displays an image that can be chosen from a collection of 1,200 licensed works from emerging and established artists, including art displayed at Spain's Prado Museum and the British Royal Collection. Alternatively, the consumer can pick their favorite personal photo to put on display.

Samsung at IFA 2019 (The Serif)
Samsung at IFA 2019: The Serif

Marketed as "the most stylish TV" on the market, The Serif has a hip consumer profile in mind and is available in six beautiful shades: Ivy Green, Burgundy Red, Clay Beige, Blossom Pink, Raindrop Blue, and Cloud White. It can be placed on a wall, standing on its own, or on a stand that resembles an easel. As for The Frame, it has been shown mounted on the wall and on easel-like stands. According to Sian Ware, Senior Trend & Lifestyle Researcher at Samsung Design Europe, "it is as much about form as it is [about] function."

Nathan Sheffield, Samsung's Head of TV/AV in Europe, spoke of the brand's 2019 8K TV line, powered by an AI Quantum processor. According to Sheffield, "the more TV you watch, the smart it gets." Thanks to HDR10+ technology and a 100-percent color volume, the TVs may be placed at any position, be it day or night, providing the same color experience. Samsung's first QLED 8K TVs were launched one year ago. The company offers 8K content via partnerships with Chili and The Explorers, and now UK users will be able to watch Premier League matches in 8K us well: the Premier League can be accessed via Amazon Prime, which provides the matches in 4K, and Samsung's AI process will automatically upscale the content to 8K.

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Samsung at IFA 2019: AirDresser

Samsung also introduced novelties in the home appliances front, including a partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G) to provide "the very best laundry experience." Perhaps the most impressive among these products – which include customizable fridges (Bespoke line), an air purifier (Cube), as well as washing machines that allow the user to add items after the washing cycle has begun – is the highly practical AirDresser. Built as a closed wardrobe section, the AirDresser is a clothing care device able to refresh and revitalize clothes without the need for washing or using chemicals. This comes in especially handy for delicate items which may not be frequently cleaned. The AirDresser removes dust with air jets, sanitizes clothing with a steam feature and gently dries them, cleaning and deodorizing garments with a deodorizing filter.

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