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Get a Grip with the Shoulderpod

Shaky holiday snaps? This dinky accessory could be the answer

Anne Parsons
Get a Grip with the Shoulderpod© 2019 shoulderpod

The camera’s great on your smartphone - that’s not the problem. It’s just that when you want to take a good picture, the phone is impossible to keep steady. What to do? Well one thing we can do is take lead from the MoJos.

I first came across this handy gadget on MoJo, Glen Mulcahy’s blog. He’s ahead of the game when it comes to MoJo (mobile journalism) gadgets, and I think this well-priced accessory could be the answer to your shaky holiday snaps. The Shoulderpod S1 is a smartphone rig that works as a tripod mount, filmmaker grip and traveler stand “for holding your mobile cameras comfortably and securely.” 

The rig retails at €29.99, and is the brainchild of Tambakunda Design Studio, based in Barcelona, who are specialised in crafting smartphone equipment for creatives and the like. The rig is adjustable and apparently will hold almost any smartphone model, even with its case on. Mulcahy, who owns a Shoulderpod says that it feels “like a robust, quality build. I would feel a lot more confident using it on a tripod or other clamp than the Joby.”



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