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Get Paid For Watching Netflix In Bed

Dream job alert

Molly Holt
Get Paid For Watching Netflix In Bed© 2020 Micah Taylor - Flickr

Attention, your dream job is officially here... Netflix are looking to hire ‘taggers’ - a title that sounds like you’re on some secret spy mission to track down a target, when actually you’ll be spending your day on the sofa watching Orange is a new black. Not that thats a bad thing - the tension and excitement we get from House of Cards as we sit on our sofa with a bag of doritos involves much less moving than any spy ‘tagger’ mission.

Each selected ‘tagger’ is required to go through the arduous task of watching Netflix shows and analysing what each of their 48 million members are going to watch next. Yes, that little ‘suggestions because you watched’ box will be down to you. Netflix want to make its service “locally relevant to [their] members, in every way - including our genres, descriptions and the way we present our content [...] to produce highly personalized suggestions to all of our over 48 million members”. Your role will also expect you to work as a “cultural consultant”, choosing from a pool of 1000 words that best suit the program, based on tone, plot, description, style, scenario etc”. Flexible hours mean you can still keep up those 3am movie marathons and can ditch the daily office commute, as well as first view access to Netflix original series.

There are currently only 40 taggers worldwide, and this is the first time that somebody from the UK or Ireland is being hired. Shockingly, you’ll have to prove your dedication and knowledge of films with a degree, and not just roll up to the interview in your pyjamas with a bag ofcrisps. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a paid couch potato, apply here!


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