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GIFs Are Going To Take Over iOS 8

Popkey is the first animated gif keyboard extension

Anne Parsons
GIFs Are Going To Take Over iOS 8 © 2019 Giphy

Move over emojis, iOS 8 is going to make this the year of the GIF.

Apple's upcoming operating system, iOs 8, which is set to launch Sept. 17, will finally support extensions that will mean that for the first time app developers can create third party keyboard apps for the iPhone. 

Naturally, somebody quickly realised that GIFs would rule in this domain. PopKey has developed a keyboard app will allow users to replace their existing keyboard with a new keyboard made entirely of animated GIF options.

iMessage actually already supports inline GIFs, but only by arduously copying and pasting. Popkey is just going to cut out all the faff. The database will be continously updated and will coincide with trending topics on the internet.

The app will categorise its GIFs by keyword emotions and reactions such as "LOL," "shocked," "facepalm," "swag," and "nope."

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