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Go Behind the Scenes with LeBron James

The "Striving for Greatness" Experience

Lauren Messer
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Samsung Gear VR is at it again and this time they have a pretty badass download available through the Oculus store and the Samsung Milk VR app. At the beginning of December, Google Cardboard tried to bring the sports training, behind the scenes experience to Tom Brady fans with their version of a VR download that allowed fans to feel like they were on the field during practice. The 3D video was also available online and the company teamed up with Bank of America and Visa to hand out 10,000 free headsets at a Patriot's game. That's cool, but this exposure to King James is sure to take it to the next level. It's 12 minutes long and guarantees a look inside the life of LeBron's training habits as he works to prepare for another title.

The LeBron James experience is titled "Striving for Greatness" and this catchy commercial aired during the Warriors and Cavaliers game on Christmas day. The ad starts with LeBron taking a phone call when it's still dark out and then we start to hear "Welcome to the Terrordome" by Public Enemy. The commercial is 90 seconds long, but it keeps you intrigued because the longer you watch, the more you realize that everyone in the commercial is singing along to the song. It shows people from all walks of life working at their jobs, all kind of in the dark and early in the morning and finally LeBron enters the training the facility. It's engaging and leaves you wondering what the rest of the 12 minute experience might be like, especially in virtual reality. 

The video is getting a lot of thumbs up from Cavs fans and other virtual reality users and we can see why. 

If you don't have your Samsung Gear VR headset yet, get on it, because with endorsements from talent like LeBron James, sales are sure to skyrocket soon. You could easily view behind the scenes training with The King right from your Samsung Galaxy phone. Oculus and Gear VR already have immersive games and apps but partnering with producers to create experiences like this one with the stars will give users a virtual reality that seems oh so real. 

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