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Gold Rush! Move West If You Want the Big Bucks

San Francisco Tech Salaries are up 19%

Anne Parsons
Gold Rush! Move West If You Want the Big Bucks© 2018 HBO

If you work in tech, is it time to drop everything and move west? A new report by JLL finds that the average annual wage for high-tech workers in 2013 in San Francisco rose to $156,518, up almost 19 percent from the year before. The city ranked the best for salary growth out of 34 markets across the US.  

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It’s not just experienced high-tech workers who are reaping the benefits of skyscraper salaries; interns in San Fran and Silicon Valley are earning multiples of the average wage in San Francisco. Highly sought-after talent who intern at Twitter can earn as much as $6,791 per month, according to Glassdoor. The average San Franciscan earns $3,333. And it's not just a flash in the pan - tech salaries are likely to keep increasing - money is no object to giant tech firms who scour the country headhunting the top talent.

Regardless of the salaries, however, San Fran may not be the most pleasant community to exist as a tech worker. Unsurprisingly, exorbitant salary increases have caused great upset to long-term residents in the Bay Area who are being priced out of the market. Average San Franciscans simply just can not compete. These issues have provoked protests about inequality, commuter busses have been blockaded, and a woman was even attacked in a bar for wearing a Google Glass, the ultimate Silicon Valley status symbol. 

By all means, stake a claim, but at your own peril.






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