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Google Buys Jetpac... And Now It Can See Our Feelings

The tech giant's newest acquisition can tell you which city is best for drinking or hipsters.

Molly Holt
Google Buys Jetpac... And Now It Can See Our Feelings© 2018 Aray Chen - Flickr

It’s no secret that Google knows more about us than even our best friends do... and they’re set to find out even more.

The tech giant has recently acquired Jetpac; an app that finds out specific statistics about locations using public instagram data. So while Google’s search engine can tell you how big is the population, Jetpac can tell you the more important information, like which is the drunkest or most-hipster populated city.

Although its already possible to search your own photographs for aesthetic features such as sunsets, smiles or burgers on Google, Jetpac will no doubt improve these capabilities as well as adding location into the mix. The system works by searching for visual clues such as the amount of pictures with alcohol or moustaches in to establish the levels of drinking or hipsters in each respective area - much more reliable than any Tripadvisor review. The algorithm can also use your Facebook pictures to find out data in relation to your friends, like where they had the most fun or relaxation.

Although the app doesn’t offer a very big insight into recommending exciting new places, Google Now does that already, and Jetpac’s appeal lies in all its user data. When searching for new places to visit - whether it be a new country or a different bar - the app’s algorithms will be able to give you a good insight into whether you’ll be making drunk conversation with businessmen or teenagers in the queue for the bar.

Although the value of the deal is yet to be disclosed, the app has been removed from the app store and support for it has also been stopped. With the purchase following suit from a long summer of startup acquisitions, it’s clear that Google is keen to be recognised as a mass system of information and travel titan.


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