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Google Glass For Your Windshield Will Change (And Maybe Even Save) Your Life

New technology lets you text and tweet while always keeping your eyes on the road

Molly Holt
Google Glass For Your Windshield Will Change (And Maybe Even Save) Your Life© 2018 Navdy

Remember the furore when those in-ear bluetooth headsets (aka the technological advancement of the century) were released, allowing drivers to talk on the phone hands-free? What seems almost comical now was once the controversial tech statement of the century, and has since spurred on a whole range of new ways to stay connected at the wheel. Far from the days of the bluetooth bug (surely it can’t have just been me that thought they resembled robotic insects?), touch-based apps like Apple’s Carplay and Android Auto are massively increasing the risks that formed the infamous ‘no phones while you’re driving’ rule. And that’s why you need Navdy.The company’s new HUD (head-up display) allows drivers to access their smartphone information while still keeping their eyes on the road. Inspired by Google Glass, the aftermarket console uses voice and gesture controls as well as a projection display to keep you in contact, but without the distraction. Placed between your steering wheel and windshield, a transparent image is projected onto your windscreen so you can see notifications in a transparent image floating six feet in front of you. Calls can be answered by giving a thumbs up, hung up with a swipe, and messages read out loud to you. If you don’t know the way, use Navdy to navigate by projecting Google maps onto your screen and move along with it in real-time. Incoming phone calls will be displayed next to your navigation using a split screen, as are car alerts like speed, remaining miles of fuel and battery voltage. And don't worry, it takes control of your social media messages and music too; playing Spotify, Pandora or Google Music - all you have to do is ask. The system connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and works with any car produced since 1996.

Intuitive, safe and excitingly futuristic, Navdy has completely rethought the experience of using apps behind the wheel. With drivers “three times more likely to get into an accident when they take their eyes off the road”, the company hopes to solve the devastating effects that technology inflicts on the roads - with the perpetrator itself.

Navdy costs $299 during the 30-day preorder period but will eventually retail at $499 when it ships in early 2015.

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