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Google Has A New Platform Planned

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Nicole Billitz
Google Has A New Platform Planned

YouTube Live will be the company’s primary esports and live gaming platform.

The online gaming industry is booming. But not only that: people are now paying to watch other people play video games online as well. Just last year, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million, one of the largest companies in the field. This year it appears that Google is also casting in their chip.

According to the Daily Dot, Google is creating YouTube Live, which will be the company’s primary esports and live gaming platform. Although Google has used YouTube to broadcast live content for years now, the new service will be a serious new outfitting, with new features, and a more focused target market.

Rumors suggest that YouTube has already gathered a substantial team to ensure that the relaunched Live service becomes a marketing success. Google might even eventually target sporting events, because although currently most events are in contract with TV deals, already in the United States devices like the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and even Chromecast have forced TV service providers to rethink their packages.

YouTube already has one of the biggest Internet followings, and it supports an infrastructure and interface that will allow the YouTube Live channel to have numerous opportunities as well as flexibility. The Daily Dot contends that although Google has currently declined to comment, most likely it will make an official announcement during E3 gaming expo thats runs June 16-18.

Twitch already supports 100 million users, and has already been broadcasting occasional sporting events. Before the company sold to Amazon last August, Google was rumored to be a potential buyer.

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