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Google Is Assessing Its Dating Pool

The new Nexus will need a partner, and Google is scouting out the best bachelor(ettes)

Nicole Billitz
Google Is Assessing Its Dating Pool© 2023 Google Nexus

Google is on the hunt for a new partner. Candidates include Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG, and all want to help create the new Nexus baby. The catch? The rumors say Google is looking only for Chinese partners, even though LG has worked with Google on Nexus devices in the past.

The reason Google is gunning for a Chinese company is that the partnership could help solidify Google’s presence in China, which is surprisingly low, considering. Also, it would help Google develop new (cheaper) production partners.

As Lenovo recently acquired Motorola from Google, this is probably not the strongest match to make.

Xiaomi, the current number one manufacturer in China and third largest in the world, however, might just be the sweet spot. As an added bonus, the current vice president of global sales used to be an executive at Google.

However, others are still hinting at a marriage between Google and Huawei, considering the strong performance it made in last years sales.

We’re pretty sure it will definitely be a Chinese match, but as for who, we just have to wait and see.


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