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Google Maps Finally Warns You Of Traffic

This Means Happier Travels For All!

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Google Maps Finally Warns You Of Traffic© 2023 Google

Apple users will definitely have something to rejoice about as Google rolls out a very helpful update to the Google Maps app for iOS. After a long time, the app will finally give you spoken warning of traffic ahead on your way to your destination.

Yes, this feature is something you might already be familiar with if you have been using Waze, the most popular navigating app which was acquired by Google back in 2013. For some reason, Google chose to adapt the said feature of Waze and improve Google Maps rather than retiring one or the other, whether this move is to provide variety for users or what, we are left to wonder.

Hopefully, with more improvements in the future, Google Maps will dominate the navigation apps in both App Store and Google Play. Happy travels for us all!


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