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Google's New Map Game Is Scarily Addictive

Use google maps to test your geography knowledge

Molly Holt
Google's New Map Game Is Scarily Addictive

Google have created a new, and scarily addictive game which integrates trivia with google maps. Similarly to Traveler IQ and Geoguesser, “SmartyPins” is a geography game that asks and teaches you facts about the world.

You can select a category to answer questions on, choosing from science and geography, entertainment, sports and games, arts and culture and history and current events or ‘general trivia’ (which combines questions from all the different categories). The points system works by originally allocating you 1000 miles, a number which increased or decreases depending on how quick and correct your answer is. For example, if the answer was Philadelphia and you guessed New York City, 92 points would be subracted from your total. To answer each question, users drop a pin onto the google maps layout, and if their answer is correct, then your mileage is reduced by the distance that they were off by. Players will also be able to earn extra points by guessing the answer within the first 10 seconds, after which a hint will appear.

The game continues until you reach zero, or never, if you’re like me, and have already got a little bit obsessed.


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