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Google Satellite Exec Leaves To Work With Space X

Has joined the tech giant's competitors

Molly Holt
Google Satellite Exec Leaves To Work With Space X© 2018 Space X

Recently Google has branched out to much more than just a search engine, with one of its many projects including an attempt to provide internet to the whole world through satellites which orbit the earth. But this morning it was announced that one of the team’s leaders Greg Wyler has abruptly left the company, and reportedly moved onto pastures new with none other than the mission’s competitors SpaceX.

Although he had not been at the giant tech company for long, he is the founder of O3b networks, whose work will aiding Google’s aspirations to bring Internet to third world countries. The reasons behind his sudden departure have not been revealed, but he leaves behind Brian Holz (O3b’s chief technology officer) as well as 10 to 20 people that had been reporting to him during his 3 month stint.

Project Loon is just one example of the way in which Google plans to bring Wi-Fi to poorer areas of the world, by putting balloons into the air and building a network out of them. Its Wi-Fi beaming satellites are fitting the same purpose, with Google buying satellite and drone manufacturers ConnectivityLab a few months ago.

Google has not addressed the departure of Greg Wyler.

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