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Google Self-Driving Cars Are Going Beyond Cute

Now, Its Even Colorful With Art To Match!

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Google Self-Driving Cars Are Going Beyond Cute© 2018 Google

If there's something we can count on, it's Google continuously innovating and contributing to modern technology. The latest testament of that is their undeniably cute self-driving cars which had been cruising around roads since June. But the once, pristine white little vehicles is now getting a colorful make over as Google asks locals of cities it visits to submit art designs for its' doors.


Called "Paint The Town", the contest was well received by people from Mountain View, California which was the first place that the car went to. With a theme "my community, my neighbors", the contest garnered submission ranging from local parks, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and other panoramic views of the city.

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Winners were already announced at the Google Self-Driving Car website where each winning artist gets to ride in one of the self driving cars and take home a $500 gift card. People from Austin, Texas which is the car's next stop is currently submitting their designs. Soon, we'll find some of the world's first self driving cars, rolling around with colorful artworks on its doors which made it all the more cutely adorable.

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