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Google Teases Us With A Few Pre-i/o Updates

Ahead of its developer's conference tomorrow, Google releases a few expansions to its Smarthome and Glass software

Google Teases Us With A Few  Pre-i/o Updates© 2018 Flickr - Max Braun

As its annual developer’s conference draws nearer and nearer, Google has decided to release a few pre-party teasers to get us excited about whats to come later on this evening.

Firstly, it’s fair to say that everyone was a little bit confused when news broke out that Google had acquired Nest - not to mention that $3.2 billion price tag - but now the next clue in the puzzle has been announced: A Developer program. Google’s wants to create a smarthome where technology interacts with all the things you already own, and the life you already live. But that involves quite a lot of components, and no matter how much money they throw at it, it's virtually impossible to do alone. Following Apple’s HomeKit for developers launch a few weeks ago, Google decided to set up its own software hub. Minus the ever-present 'platform war' that exists between Apple and Google, Nest wants any and every developer to sign up and add to its Switzerland smart home ecosystem. Some manufacturers that have already got in on the action include LIFX, Whirlpool and Mercedes Benz. Interacting with Nest, your LIFX light bulbs would pulse red in an emergency, such as when Nest’s smoke detectors sense a fire, and your dishwasher will delay its start time if Nest detects a high demand for electricity. As they know when you’re driving home or when you wake up, Jawbone and Mercedes Benz will tell your Nest thermostat to set your ideal temperature for you. But if you’d prefer to take matters into your own hands, don’t worry, you still can. Just like Google Glass, the words ‘OK, Google, set Nest to 80 degrees’ will cause Nest to do exactly as you ask.

And Google Glass are also expanding. Continuing on with their 80% increase over the past six months, 11 more official apps have been added to the interactive specs, including Shazam, The Guardian, a World Cup and a fitness app. Shazam allows easier music streaming through the ‘OK, Glass’ prompts, recognising requested songs and artists for you. An astronomy app called Star Chart on the other hand, will use the Glass lense to identify stars and create constellations between them. For the more sports orientated however, there’s Goal.com, which displays alerts, articles, games and goal information on the headset so you can keep up with the game on the go, similarly to the way the Guardian’s glassware works. Various fitness apps have been added like Runtastic and Run, Zombies!: the former guiding you through workouts, motivating you and keeping track of progress and the latter, gamifies your run to make it feel like you’re legging it away from Zombies.

But this is just the start. They have laid the groundwork, now we just need to see what the actual house looks like. Tune in to Google i/o starting at 12EST/9PST to see for yourself.

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