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Google Wants To Put Eyes In Your Bedroom

It has acquired home security company 'dropcam' which monitors your house using cameras.. creepy

Google Wants To Put Eyes In Your Bedroom

One step further in its aim to take over the world, Google has now spent $555million on home security system 'Dropcam', adding to its impressive repertoire of self-driving cars, internet balloons and ventures into space. Although the deal, which was signed on Friday, is actually being dealt with through Nest Labs, Google's $3.2billion purchase of them back in February has caused many privacy concerns to arise. Dropcam’s popular cloud-connected security monitors your home while you’re away, allowing you to keep an eye on your house for those important family moments, as well as keeping it safe so you can continue to enjoy more.

While Nest is not actually allowed to share any clips, adverts, photos or information to third parties, now that Google owns the company, it could be much easier for the search tool giants to find a legal loophole. In defence of this, Nest is keen to declare that users have to agree for their information to be shared in order for them to give it to anyone - even Google - and that all their data, like their house, is safe.

The three devices the company sells each lets users access their video feeds wherever they are through an app, while Tab can also sense movement to inform you when somebody opens a door or walks past. And if simply monitoring isn’t enough, for $10 a month you can store your home videos on your cloud-service. It seems Google is gradually integrating itself deeper and deeper into our everyday lives and homes, and no matter how much independence Nest pleads, Google’s previous drones and Skybox real-time imaging purchases are certainly not helping their case. In fact, it all seems to be going abit 1984 over here.


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