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Googling The Next Android OS

The Android M likely to be unveiled at Google I/O 2015

Julius Tabios
Googling The Next Android OS

The new Android M will cater to the professional market with more power

In true tradition, the latest model of the Android is set to be announced in this year’s Google I/O. The event is where the company brings thousands of developers from all over the world together in a platform strut their wear.

The announcement hasn’t been made formal by the company but a report from The Verge states that a session description for the conference briefly surfaced and specifically mentioned codename 'Android M.' What could the M stand for? Android Malt? Android Mango? Whatever it may be it’s sure to entice our technology sweet tooth. The Android Lollipop was first introduced as 'Android L” back in Google I/O 2014. The document mentioned has since been removed from the Google IO website, but Android Police posted a screenshot of it.

No specific details at this point have surfaced as Google has been more tight lipped in that regard. Theories have come up based on the extra session descriptions that were leaked under ‘Android M’ such as ‘Android at Work’. They believe that this will cater to the professional market with more power in the system.   However, there’s no question about it that the new Android M will have a few tricks up its sleeve to set it apart from the market. But the question on our mind is what the 'M' will stand for. Intriguing!

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