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GoPro Goes 4K

Brace yourself for higher-definition extreme footage!

Michael Cruickshank
GoPro Goes 4K© 2019 GoPro

Love them or hate them, GoPro cameras have transformed the way we take video footage. By combining a small, ruggedized form factor, waterproofing, and an array of easy to use accessories, any of us can be now be amature videographers. From the bottom of the sea, to the edge of space, there is almost nowhere, and no activity which hasn't been filmed by one of these innovative cameras.

Now the company is releasing the GoPro Hero 4 Black, the latest in its line of personal video recorders, and it promises to be its highest definition camera yet. The new Hero 4 Black features the ability not just to shoot in Full HD, but also in QHD and even the new ultra-sharp 4K resolution. In terms of frame rates, the camera shoots in 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, and Full HD at 120fps, allowing for a user to take slow motion footage at even high resolutions.

Image: © 2014 GoPro

Another camera released by the company is the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This camera is not just a self contained unit like previous models, but also features a LCD touch screen. This enables a user to interact with the GoPro in a similar way which they would with a more traditional digital video or still camera. Both of these new cameras additionally feature the ability to connect wirelessly with the with the GoPro app, either through WiFi internet, or through Bluetooth connection.

A third and final camera to be released by GoPro is the new ‘Hero’ model. Smaller than the other two releases, this camera is more of an entry level option, with a much lower price. Despite this, it can still shoot Full HD video at 30fps and HD (720p) at 60 fps, as well as having the ability to shoot still photos.

These latest releases prove once again why GoPro is the leading company in the world when it comes to action photography. They have shown to be able to continuously improve their devices to accommodate for the latest in high-resolution photography, without compromising on cost or durability. Expect to see many more GoPro videos of your friends holidays in the coming years...


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