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GoPro Wants To GoDrone

Your GoPro Clip Is About To Get An Upgrade

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GoPro Wants To GoDrone© 2018 GoPro

If you love all those action-packed shots and clips you've taken yourself using your GoPro Hero4, then get ready for more of those but this time captured by a drone. GoPro is expanding its portfolio once again and its in the form of a drone come 2016.

With a sneak peak footage of what's in store for you with this new drone, GoPro is confident how it can help the company gain back the 18% stock dropped they recently experienced. The plans for a drone was revealed early this year by their CEO Nick Woodman. Speculations were raised that the company contracted DJI who also did Walmart's drone program.

Although GoPro cameras mounted in drones are not something new, the company will surely offer something that is uniquely theirs in order to attract their buyers in buying it as a package this time around. See the sneak peek below and let us know what you think:

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