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GoTenna Keeps Your Phone Connected Everywhere On Earth

festivals, powercuts, hiking, natural disasters.... no longer an issue

Molly Holt
GoTenna Keeps Your Phone Connected Everywhere On Earth© 2019 EarlRShumaker - Flickr

There’s no denying that in this day and age, most of us are fully fledged smartphone addicts. Constantly thinking you’ve lost it before realising its in your hand. Sometimes even sleeping with it next to you in bed. And knowing no pain quite like that feeling when you realise you have no battery or bars of signal. So as fun as festivals, hikes and travelling abroad are, the inevitable lack of coverage that comes alongside them is a real issue. Which is why you need a GoTenna.

Their thin, 2-ounce wand device can be strapped to your backpack or belt, which connects to your phone via BluetoothLE, no satellite connection needed. Lasting for about 72 hours will typical occasional use, or 30 hours non-stop. Much longer than your power-loving iPhone. Just pull out the antenna and power on the device, which will use low-frequency radio waves to communicate with people. Closed network conversations can be set up between both individuals and groups, or as a ‘shout’ to other GoTennas nearby.

Just like Whatsapp, you can even send your location out if you’ve lost your friends or are in an emergency, although don’t expect to be able to scroll through Instagram while lost up a mountain, as the GoTenna doesn’t provide your phone with any LTE-style data. The analogue radio waves it creates for its app can last around 1 mile in skyscraper dense urban areas, but up to 9 miles in more rural, open air environments such as hiking and camping. And an incline improves matters too, soaring from 9 miles to as high as 50 as you reach further and further towards the sky, with the potential to reach a pretty sizable network.

The walkie-talkie iPhone idea was constructed following the connection crisis that ensued after Hurricane Sandy, where the Perdomo siblings realised that a new way to communicate - without cell towers - was needed. Security-wise, the GoTenna also brings a strong hand to the table, end-to-end encrypting all your messages and storing none of them, as well as an option to set them to self-destruct once they’ve been read.

Sold in pairs, you can pre-order the modern magic wand now for $149, which will increase to $299 per pair once $50,000 has been earned.

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