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Heights, Camera, Action!

8 Action Cameras That Are Perfect Presents This Christmas

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When you say action camera, GoPro usually comes to mind. But in this day and age we know that's not the only choice you have. Although the company has been beefing up its marketing efforts, even coming up with a year-round program called GoPro Awards where they can award up to $5million to users per year, there's really an immensely wide world of action cameras still yet to be discovered.

So, as the bells ring signalling Christmas is just around the corner, here's a list of cameras you can buy for your adventure-loving friend or loved one that is not in the GoPro line:

1. Pentax WG-M1
At $199, the Pentax WG-M1 delivers durability to the highest level. It can withstand cold up to 14°F and drop of up to 6.5 feet, so mountaineering should really be more fun with this in hand. it has 14MP with a 160-degree lens and many more specs that are just too hard to resist.

2. Panasonic HX-500E

This one might be out of the ordinary being divided into two but it definitely makes up for its hi-tech features. It's best for those who are into biking or other vehicle related adventures. Having a camera and a separate power and control unit has its advantages including the convenience of switching from one resolution to the next and enabling you to connect quickly to to other devices. This one sells for $298.

3. Garmin Virb Elite

Its edge lies with its ability to calculate your speed and your reach as the Garmin Virb Elite comes with an expert GPS system. Record every thrilling experience with this camera. It has apps for both iOS and Android along with editing software for both Windows and Mac OS X. It comes with a tag price of $237.

4. iON Air Pro3

Aside from its excellent design, iON Air Pro3 will definitely be a favorite among your cyclist friends as it provide convenience at its finest when it comes to recording. LED lights indicate recording along with vibrations to help users be aware when the fun stops and ended. The Air Pro is also waterproof up to 10M and sells for $239.

 5. Tom Tom Bandit

Have that someone who loves imagining he's in the X-Games? Then The Tom Tom Bandit is definitely for him! This action cam has built-in sensors which detect speed, G-force, Altitude, Rotation, and even that fast heartbeat after the andrenaline rush. It also has the direct to USB port feature for charging its battery so no adventure would be missed. This is available for $399.99.

6. Drift Ghost-S

Simple and sleek with all the elements for a great action-packed camera, that's what Drift Ghost-S offers. With 1080p at 60, 50, 30 and 25fps, as well as lower resolutions with higher frame rates, this cam spells sturdiness with the right punch for all those challenging condition any user will face. It's out in the market for $376.

7. Muvi K-Series K2NPNG
No one has to worry on how the Muvi will be able to catch all those memorable moments with all the mounts included in the box. Whether it's the great outdoors or the big blue sea, the Muvi range can be the great cam companion. At $299, it is safe to say it's the one of the best action camera that delivers what it promised and more.

8. Contour Roam 3

You don't have to worry in buying a case for this one, as Contour Roam 3 promises quality video recording and pictures up to 33 feet. Its lens rotates 270 degrees to capture all those things others might miss. Although it lacks a few things like a screen and wiFi connectivity which other cameras offer, it makes up for its other features including a long-lasting battery. The Contour Roam 3 sells for $199.

There you have it, with all these choices, and well the GoPro line, you need not worry what to buy that andrenaline junkie on your list!

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