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High Speed Car Chase Results In First Ever Tesla Death

Car thief causes grand theft auto-esque police chase

Molly Holt
High Speed Car Chase Results In First Ever Tesla Death© 2018 Joseph Thornton - Flickr

Up until now, Elon Musk could confidently say that nobody has ever died in a Tesla vehicle (a company renowned for its focus on safety both for the passenger, and the environment)... Until now. However, we’re sure that nobody will be laying the blame on Musk himself, considering the high-speed police car chase that led up to the huge crash. 26 year old Joshua Slot stole the vehicle from a service centre in Los Angeles, but police quickly spotted the speeding luxury vehicle and began to chase it. Yet in their attempts to keep up with the “nearly 100 mph” fast Model S, the police were involved in their own collision, and had to call off their pursuit.

Unstoppable Slot, unfazed by his grand theft auto-esque escape continued to race on, eventually colliding with three other vehicles and some street poles “splitting the tesla in half”. Slot was thrown from the car: the front half of the former vehicle a fiery wreck in the middle of the road, and the rear end hurling into the air, landing wedged into the side of a Jewish community centre.

Somehow Slot was still alive when emergency services arrived, surrounded by debris and the blazing $60,000 supercar. Resuscitated en route, Slot died from his injuries on Monday, and the other five injured people have all been released from hospital since the ordeal.

As powerful as Musk is, he is yet to hold the god-like capabilities able to prevent this devastation, although he’s definitely trying. A testament to Tesla’s safety measures, Musk now plans to add a titanium shield to the underbelly of Model S’s, to guard against battery fires. Someone give this man a medal. Or a marriage proposal from me.



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