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Hilarious Amazon Echo Parody Warps Ad's Original Message

If you thought the original was annoying, wait for this…

Michael Cruickshank
Hilarious Amazon Echo Parody Warps Ad's Original Message© 2018 Amazon

Amazon’s latest product is a bit of a strange one. The Amazon Echo is in many ways a Siri which lives inside an internet connected speaker column. It exists to provide information for users via voice communication as well as to control music, alarms, notifications, and shopping lists, among other functions. While the technology it uses, as well at its cloud-based learning algorithm are rather interesting, the device itself looks somewhat irritating.

It was launched alongside a video commercial which showed a family rather awkwardly interacting with the device which they had named ‘Alexa’. While this ad didn’t go very far in convincing most people that they needed the Amazon Echo, it has spawned a rather hilarious parody video.

A Youtube user has redubbed the soundtrack of the ad to create ‘Amazon Echo (Early Beta Edition)’. In this video, rather than being useful, the Amazon Echo talks back to its human controllers in belligerent and inappropriate ways, very rarely giving out useful information. Check out this amazingly funny parody in the clip below!


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